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    Mind Hacks

    Anything Is Possible, And That Can Be Scary

    Dear Future Self,

    Choose a traditional career, any career. Regardless of your daily responsibilities, the idea is the same. You show up, punch the time-clock, work for a set amount of time (doing something you enjoy, doing something you dread, it’s all the same), and then at the end of the day you punch out. You’re limited by your position as an employee, but also secure knowing that at the end of the day the company will keep going on with or without you.

    Now, as an entrepreneur, the possibilities are endless. Literally, anything becomes possible. Success or failure: there’s no formula to follow, which also means no safety net. It can be scary, stepping out into the unknown.

    I started my first business out of necessity. The company I worked for was going through financially and for about a year, there was an unspoken question of whether I could cash my check at the end of the pay period or not. I ultimately decided to step out on faith, nothing else, and just "do me". It was do or die. Maybe it was because I saw my father go through something similar growing up, or because I was newly married and was determined to be "Superman" for my wife, but I didn't see failure as an option. Of course, I learned later that failure is part of the process of Success. But for all intents and purposes, it was the freedom of possibility that allowed me to create opportunity where there was none.

    You see, we can’t let the possibility of failure stop us from creating the reality we’ve been dreaming of. As an entrepreneur, Life is what you make it, how you design it! Let every decision in the Now be an investment in You 2.0! Your future has been waiting on you, not the other way around.

    Create the Future.

    New Year's Evolution

    You know, it's funny. The same people telling us to speak things as though they were are the same crowd criticizing us for doing so publicly. Are we so afraid to fail that we downgrade our own faith and the dreams of others because it hurts to imagine falling short of such an audacious goal?

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    The Power of Decision

    It’s a fact of life that change is inevitable. Everything comes and goes: people, possessions, opportunities... Luckily, there’s one thing that doesn’t change, and that is your ability to decide HOW things will change. 

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