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    DAVID 2.0 | Serial Entrepreneur. Creative. Life Coach.

    As the unstoppable force behind Dear Future Self, David "Deuce" Burroughs II is a quantum thinker, here to help you upgrade to Life 2.0. A multidisciplined solopreneur and life coach, he knows that there’s more to the art of personal development than catchy hashtags or inspirational quotes. He’s here to help others uncover their genuine sense of Purpose through creativity, motivating everyday individuals to deconstruct the status quo and start living life epically. Whether you’re building your brand, your business, or just your best self, he has the life hacking skills to help upgrade your mindset for personal success.

    David is a graduate of the San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts, an institution responsible for notable talents in the entertainment industry. Having studied visual arts and served as a creative consultant for independent label, Nureau Ink (see Tonex/B.Slade), he understands how expectation colors our reality - what we imagine we manifest! He lives for watching others come alive to their own potential; inspired by the “Aha!” moments that activate their dreams and deepest revelations. David considers himself a servant-leader, striving to be an example of every principle he promotes through transformational coaching and his lifestyle brand. As the host of the Dear Future Self podcast, he views every day as an opportunity to educate and empower ready minds.

    The only thing more impressive than David’s enthusiasm is his staying power, having been an entrepreneur for 13 years, and a husband for 14. He’s passionate about helping others manage their careers and relationships, because he knows the struggle inherent in both. When he’s not helping clients upgrade their lives, recording YouTube videos as a motivational vlogger, or creating music for his own imprint, he’s likely with friends and family, conquering the Hulu and Netflix queue.