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    In 2017, the creative team behind Dear Future Self teamed up with KNSJ 89.1 FM Descanso & Hooper Thing Radio to bring you The Infinity Cast, a weekly half-hour music talk radio show bringing fresh perspectives to everyday social issues. As it's foundation, the show endeavored to bridge the generational gap between baby boomers and millennials, a catalyst for forward-thinking conversations. The season lasted for 18 episodes, serving San Diego and select web audiences.

    In 2018, our team returns, with a new platform and a new mission. Enter Dear Future Self: The Infinity Cast with DAVID 2.0, serial entrepreneur, creative, and transformational life coach. The purpose of this free radio podcast is to inspire listeners to go beyond the status quo, to discuss more purposeful views in Life, business, and the media.

    A brand inspired by the technology, arts, and OmniScience of Tomorrow, Dear Future Self: The Infinity Cast IS quantum culture.

    Get PAST. Be PRESENT. Create the FUTURE.

    #DearFutureSelf #TheInfinityCast