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    Hello, my name is David Burroughs II. As an experienced artist in any creative field, it's important to show clients that this isn't your first rodeo as their graphic artist, t-shirt designer, branding expert, or whatever title fits the occasion. My ultimate goal is not just to give clients what they want, but to give them what they ask for. There is a difference. Most artists focus solely on the visual aspect, while neglecting the psychology behind it. I mean, there are people that honestly believe that they can just rip clipart from Google and write their name in a cool font. LOL... That's where I come in.

    When I'm not creating and deconstructing worlds in Adobe Creative Suite, I'm coaching others on how to realize their brand beyond the status quo. Art has a beautiful way of sharing subliminal messages and as a forward thinker, I've made it my purpose to bring that element of storytelling to my work.

    I've had the pleasure of working with everything from local businesses and non-profit organizations to Grammy-nominated and award-winning artists. It hasn't always been about graphic design for me, but I consider myself blessed to have shared my creativity with so many great clients over the years.


    Vocational Certificate • Graphic Design
    SDCCD North City

    Diploma • Commercial Art & Tech Theater
    San Diego School of Creative & Performing Arts


    Client: Tonéx
    Project(s): Nureau Ink, Sony/BMG

    I provided art direction, product packaging, and general creative design for music artists affiliated with the vanity label. I was also commissioned by Sony/BMG to design the artwork for Tonéx's final commercial release, "Unspoken", ultimately nominated for a Grammy award.

    Client: Jacobs Family Foundation
    Project(s): Market Creek Plaza Mall

    Via ETC Inc, I was assigned to create signage and print literature for Market Creek Plaza, a work of the Jacobs Family Foundation. I also served as a member of MCP creative marketing team, contributing ideas for special events and community outreach.

    Client: Tisha Campbell-Martin
    Project(s): "Steel Here" Single Cover

    I produced the cover art for the actress/singer's acclaimed single, "Steel Here". The artwork was highlighted on BET and the Steve Harvey television show.


    If you are searching for a coachable, tech-savvy, creative thinker to work with you and your team, look no further. I would be more than happy to provide greater detail on my list of skillsets and past work. You can reach me HERE.